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Skip Count Kid is designed to help children learn multiplication facts.
There are two versions: The Original Skip Count Kid and the Bible Heroes.
Both teach "skip counting" with fun songs. The "Original" has generic themes (non-religious) suitable for use in public schools or for home users prefering general fun, "kid-oriented" themes. Click here to listen to samples of the Original songs.

The "Bible Heroes" has Old Testament themes and is popular with religious schools and many home-school families. Click here to listen to samples of the "Bible Heroes" songs.

Both are available in Audio CD or MP3 formats. Click here to order the entire albums, or individual songs from Amazon MP3

Each CD has a variety of musical styles. These CDs are sold by independent resellers nationwide and are considered the "best CDs of their kind" by teachers and families from coast to coast! A booklet containing the lyrics and fun activities is available from this site as a download.

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